Gizmoes offers hands-on learning courses designed for pioneering makers of all ages and abilities. Our professionals have over 80 years of combined technology experience and expertise. Check out our list of our courses below for more information and call (757) 229-4157 to sign up today! 

Waldy Has 50 years of designing, primarily embedded processor systems for instrumentation and control. He is proficient in drafting (Mechanical, Electrical and CAD), Circuit board layout, circuit board assembly (Including surface mount components), and troubleshooting to the component level. He does his own field-programming Gate array (FPGA) VHDs as well as microprocessor programming in C/ C++ assembly and machine code.

He also holds several patents on switch mode power conversion design. 

Waldy teaches a majority of our classes from soldering to circuit board design and layout. 

Ted has had a long career in Information Technology for the aerospace and defense sector. An alum of William and Mary with a degree in Computer Science, he has now returned to work with the college through his company, Midstream Technology, to perform research and develop other commercial opportunities.

Ted teaches “Arduino 101” which provides a quick introduction into the world of microcontroller programming.  Learn to blink and LED, read a button press, measure a distance and drive a motor using a tiny computer on a chip. These individual pieces can be put together to build a robot or hundreds of other projects.

Ted can also help you out with questions about the Raspberry Pi computer system and the 3D printers used in the Maker Space.

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