The Maker Movement is here and local.  We want to be able to support the makers in our community as much as possible, so we offer a makers space at each location with soldering stations, 3D printers and laser etchers, along with some basic woodworking equipment. 

Call for more information. 
757-229-4157 Williamsburg
Electronic Parts

We are the makers destination!  We offer hundreds of components and electronics. There is definitely not a lack of parts at either of our locations.  From capacitors to resistors and diodes, come in and have a look through our parts drawers and you will not be disappointed. 

Home Audio, Professional Audio

With HOSA and Radioshack by our side we can assure you the audio cords and adapters we have will be like nothing you have seen in Bestbuy. You will be amazed with the quality and with our selection as well.  If we don't have the cable needed we can make one with one of our many adapters.